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Exchange Policy

We bring the best quality articles to our customers, where every detail has been taken care of. Our more than 95% sales are never put to any exchange or service; however, if you for any reason want an exchange, the following conditions should be met:

  • The exchange of articles is allowed only, and we don’t entertain any cash claims or refunds.
  • You may get your article exchanged within 24 hours of purchase; Amax will not be able to listen to any later claim.
  • You may request an exchange for only those articles that are in their perfectly original condition, and in case of any damage, the claim comes under after-sale service.
  • It’s a universal rule that we will only exchange only the articles with their tags intact.
  • Bring the article with the original receipt, which you need to submit in our records after, we agree to the exchange request.
  • Items of the same value only are taken for exchange; we will not give any credit note or balance to the customer if there is a difference in values.
  • For one product, only one time exchanged is acceptable.
  • Items that were purchased on sale, discounts, or promotions are not taken for exchange